Abercrombie and Fitch : Mike Jeffries IDIOT OR (cynical) MARKETING GENIUS? From earned content to deserved content!

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At a time when everyone is trying to get lots of « earned media » here is a case of « deserved media»  serving or diserving as it may be « you looked for it boy ! Mike Jeffries the CEO of Abercrombie certainly gave of himself on this one, getting lots of heat and lots of fee publicity. He is absolutely in line with what the Brand (and himself) says over and over, may we like it or not (hello !) Surely a very cost effective way to fight against « noise », and getting millions of clever, creative, outraged, amused etc comments, pictures, collages, vidéos, but rarely boring ones. The type of viral creative their Agency would never dare showing!. Society does the communication for them and for free, and after the outraged the anti-outraged are starting to support the boldness and courage of the Brand…

Abercrombie becomes the talk of the town and a social act.  Brand content to get free ink» ? At the end of the day, isn’t the brand just pushing and continuing being « politically incorrect, irreverent, bold, exclusive to young, beautiful and slim bodies all attributes unknown to any youth brand ….

I think I am starting to like it – it’s provocative, fun (look at the web’s reaction and creativity) and thought provoking – certainly outrages me less than one more « beautiful people fashion ad ».

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