Medinge Group

Swedish-based global think-tank on branding, presenting the Brands with a Conscience awards annually

Medinge is a « stop thinking in circles » international Group of Brand professionals in all possible different areas but with a common passion for innovation and challenges.

I have discovered this eclectic Group of strong unusual personalities via my friend Philippe Mihailovitch, who is a country and Fashion Brands Marketing expert, and was very happy to listen to all the interesting presentations from all possible countries and areas. I was honored to present my current thinking on how Brand bureaucracy, accelerated by cost cutting policies, reassurance of efficiency based processes kills what Companies pretend to praise most in these time of harsh competition: innovation, disruption, creativity.

Some things I liked about the principles of these presentations, and not forgetting a very acute sense of humor, which is a common denominator!

1-The audience: The most difficult, critical, fractious, opinionated lot, always ready to jump in and engage. These are seasoned brand professionals who watch the marketplace and social trends, and have passionate ideas about how organizations evolve. Therefore you must be prepared to put forth brash ideas, provocative and challenging statements, and then defend them. This is a small, tightly knit group, meeting together for ten years, with a real commitment to attend.

 2-PowerPoint: Medinge doesn’t like PowerPoint. You will find your credibility impaired if you include little cute animations and things zipping across the screen. If you must use PowerPoint, do so artfully and in unusual ways not seen before. Medinge likes slide shows. All file formats welcome.

3-Academic theses: Medinge is not a showcase for doctoral theses. Don’t recycle academic studies for this group.

These are real-world practitioners living at the edge of theoretical branding. They are interested in dilemmas, trends, challenges, or innovative ideas, and also appreciate critical commentary.

4-No prospecting: Medinge is not for business development. You can talk about revolutionary methodology, but don’t talk about your company’s capabilities. No plumping for work. Medinge is about intellectual discourse and discussion focused on branding and societal change.



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