Why bold brand content ?

Why BOLD Brand Content?
Brand Content is now on everyone’s lips and particularly championed by the ones who used to not only laugh at it but also block it as much as they could. Everyone (almost) out there in Ad Agencies will see what I am talking about. But as always, there is the « public » attitude the one that defends the interests of your corporation or industry and then there is your individual passion about your sector about what you do, and most of all what you wish you could do either because it is more fun and creative or better even, because you know it is better for your Client, but you just can’t do it for reasons which have to do with not coinciding interest between Client and Agency retribution schemes or just with Client to Agency interface protocols which may be as reassuring as limiting both conceptually as creatively. It is interesting on this specific point to notice how stable those interface protocols have been within a disrupting communications and media environment. Lire la suite